Can you Imagine your Date with Eva??

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You book your flight for Miami (vacation time).  You pack your suitcase and bring a nice outfit for the beach, dinner and maybe a few leisure outfits for drinks.  You get off the airplane to be met my Eva herself, YIPPIEE.  Don’t mind the camera’s as she is a SuperStar and you are her first FAN Contest winner.  As you are taken to the hotel you get to sit next to her and make small talk.  Does she smell as yummy as you thought?  Is she everything you wished for and more?  Maybe the tightening in your pants will give her a hint??  You then get to the hotel so she can fill you in on your activities for the night.  You give her a nice gentleman kiss on the cheek and get settled in at your hotel sponsored by

The hotel phone rings and you hear her sultry voice “Im in the lobby and ready for our date”.  The elevator opens and there she stands looking STUNNING in her cocktail dress and perfect body poured into it.  (I bet you are trying to guess what kind of panties she has on, or maybe none).  You make it to dinner and there you are able to ask all the questions you want and get to know her as a woman and not a PornStar!  After dinner maybe time for a drink at the hotel before heading out for a late night activity.  What would you like to do?

The next day before heading out to your evening flight maybe you will get to see Eva doing a morning shoot for  Just think this could be your once in a lifetime to be a paid actor on set,,,,,,,,,,,,, think and dream BIG!

How is this sounding?  Feedback. thoughts, or wet dreams!





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