by Eva Lin

Thank You

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I just would like to thank all of you who signed up to meet with me. I can not even begin to express how grateful I am to have such wonderful fans who support me and show me love. If it were up to me I would meet all of you but that’s out of my control. =)

I recently did a shoot with Jesse Dubai for and it was hot! Make sure you guys check it out! The scene started with me and Jesse just having girl talk i our lingerie. She started talking about guys she is dating and then she started o comment on how great my ass and breasts look. We started to flirt back and forth with each other and then started touch each other in our intimate parts.

She then began to suck my cock and lick my ass getting it ready for her girl cock to pound me. We proceeded from the dining area to the living room where she started shoving one of her toys in me. I just love having things in my butt. She then fucked me in three different positions and came all over me.

I enjoyed working with Jesse so much and I look forward to working with her again soon! She is such an outgoing and sweet girl. Please do not forget to check out our scene on Love you guys and thanks again for all your support!



Just Me

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Hi guys! Josh is in Colombia right now and will be back by the end of June and we will go forward with choosing someone to come to Miami and have a date with yours truly. I am really excited and I already have some guys lined up to choose from. There is someone in particular that I have my mind set to. This guy has been such a great fan who has supported me with out a doubt. He has always been there showing his love and support and even buys me gifts from my wish list! I just love feeling appreciated and loved! I am pretty sure this guy knows who he is =). But anyways I decided to share some pics with you guys. Just random pictures of me hanging out here in Las Vegas and enjoying life!


IMG_5879_Fotor15 IMG_5913_Fotor12 IMG_5911_Fotor13 IMG_5899

Confession of a Tranny

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There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the word “Tranny.” In my opinion this word was never used to really degrade trans people. Although I have heard from many that it is quite offensive, it personally does not offend me. I have only heard the word used within my own community, more so amongst the “gays.”

I haven’t always been numb to the word “tranny” though, it all started when I came into the adult entertainment industry. At first, I cringed at the fact I was even categorized under the word “shemale” or “tranny” but then I realized after a couple years being in the adult industry that these terms are just words. Words used to sexually demean trans women. Let’s face it, She-male or tranny equals “chick with a dick.”

So I totally understand why transgender individuals and activists would be offended by the word. To me the most offensive word you can call me is a “man.” Letting me know that I am not valid. Disrespecting my existence and my identity. Calling a trans woman a man is an act of violence in my opinion. Because it attacks that woman’s identity and effort to be who she wants to be.

So there are people who chose to chose to empower themselves with the word “tranny” and there are those who simply want to obliterate the word form being used. I have accepted the word and use it at least once a day among my friends. So boo-hoo and big deal! I am a tranny!IMG_5861_Fotor