Giveaway Time: Win a free TsDreamDates DVD

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Ok it’s time for our first giveaway which will be to 3 lucky winners who will receive a autographed DVD of Eva Lins TS DreamDate DVD coming out in May.   Three guys will be chosen from the registered users list and then Eva will autograph your DVD and out it goes to you.  We are looking for active users who are interacting in the blogs, on twitter and with Eva.  So let’s get this going.

Winners will be chosen and announced on twitter @tsdreamdates  May 1st, 2014:

***You must be a registered user here!

***Please comment in this thread with your social media links like twitter, facebook, instagram, etc and your name.

*** In the same post please tell us why should Eva choose you?  Please be descriptive and really let Eva know.

Again winners will be announced on May 1st 🙂  GOOD LUCK




  • chefkyky1 says:

    I must be missing something here. I can’t believe no one has commented on this post yet. I mean who wouldn’t want to win a personalized DVD from Eva Lin. The way I look at it I’m going to get the DVD either way, whether I win this or buy it. But winning it from Eva would be awesome. There’s probably no real good reason why Eva should choose me to win. If not this then hopefully I get chosen for the dream date with her. But both contests are probably like trying to win one of those 300 million powerball lotteries. Maybe just maybe this will end up being my lucky day. Twitter @kyky802

  • Drayvenblaze says:

    This sounds like a great item to add to the growing list of personal effects that I can enjoy at a moments notice
    good luck to whoever gets the dvd
    Twitter @drayvenblaze

  • jboo says:

    Let’s face it, there is no prize conciliatory enough to make up for missing out on a date with the fabulous Ms. Eva Lin. If I lose out on the dream date contest I’ll be heartbroken and halfway through a pint of ice cream by the time I get the news, but, if I had a personalized DVD, I might be able to see a silver lining in the dark cloud.

  • skyhope2994 says:

    Oh, wow Eva, if I was to win, it would be the best birthday gift ever! My birthday is on 4/29 and I look up to you for inspiration like you wouldn’t believe! Your such an example of strength, grace, talent, and beauty. It makes my heart smile seeing the possibilities of success for TSwomen. It gives me such hope! Your the most beautiful woman I think I have ever seen. And even if you don’t choose me, I wish you the best of luck and much success in the future. Xoxoxo ~Sky <3 @skyhope2994

  • HotWendyPR says:

    @kyky802 @skyhope2994 @jbarrick1 @drayvenblaze

    Are winners please send ASAP your name and mailing address for your autographed DVD

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