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Posted by | June 18, 2014 | by Eva Lin | 2 Comments

Hi guys! Josh is in Colombia right now and will be back by the end of June and we will go forward with choosing someone to come to Miami and have a date with yours truly. I am really excited and I already have some guys lined up to choose from. There is someone in particular that I have my mind set to. This guy has been such a great fan who has supported me with out a doubt. He has always been there showing his love and support and even buys me gifts from my wish list! I just love feeling appreciated and loved! I am pretty sure this guy knows who he is =). But anyways I decided to share some pics with you guys. Just random pictures of me hanging out here in Las Vegas and enjoying life!


IMG_5879_Fotor15 IMG_5913_Fotor12 IMG_5911_Fotor13 IMG_5899


  • Drayvenblaze says:

    Whoever you have your sights on is a very lucky person, hope he can get a great date with you Eva. (“) (°·°) (“)

  • LorenzoValentine says:

    if i knew how to reach you id have been on point since the moment i saw you… most beautiful THE QUEEN 🙂 hope you have a great day MS.! we all ADORE you!

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