My Dream date

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Hi guys! I hope everyone is as excited as I am for June to come around! I wanted to share with you guys what my ideal dream date would be. I am more of an intimate setting type of girl like the movies and eating at fine restaurants.

I really don’t date much as I am a very busy girl so June is really exciting for me to be able to once again go out on a date with someone (it could be you) and have some fun. I am already picturing it in my head and imagining how the night will possibly go.

We start out the night by going to one of Miami’s fine restaurants. We sit and have intimate conversations about each other. I take my heels off and start rubbing my perfect feet against your leg. I can see in your eyes that you are starting to get sexually aroused. We finish and head back to your room have some champagne and recap the night. The sexual tension is there and you can cut it with a knife, but we have to behave ourselves. I sat on the bed and started to stare at you while I lick my big juicy lips and spread my legs open. You can see my black lace panties and I start to rub myself. I can see that your bulge starts to get bigger and starts to become uncomfortable, so you adjust your self. I ask if I can just taste you. ( I am very direct and when I want something, I always ask).  You stood in front of me and I unzipped your pants. I looked up at you and put it in my hungry wet mouth. I tasted it….. And it was delicious.

Hypothetically of course….




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