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Posted by | May 22, 2014 | by Eva Lin | 3 Comments

Hello Guys! The closing time for TS dream dates is coming soon and we will be picking one of you soon! Mean while I have been super busy being beautiful and taking care of myself. There have been so many opportunities and ventures coming my way that I have been truly stressed, but my new hobby/lifestyle has really helped me a lot with grounding myself and finding balance in my busy lifestyle.

I recently joined a very high class, full service gym where I live and I find myself going to the gym everyday. I have been taking yoga, kick boxing and personal training. I have been working really hard not only for the summer but also for you! I want to look my best when I meet my number 1 fan! =)











  • Richard J. Boardman says:

    Must be hard to improve on Most Beautiful. But staying right inside is also vital. For me its important to exercise my mind Intellectually, Mentally, Emotionally as well as Spiritually for my well being.

  • boardman55 says:

    It must be difficult to improve on Most Beautiful. Good that you do things to keep your Mind right too. for me , I need to exercise myself mentally, emotionally, Intellectually and Spiritually for my well being.

  • fuego91 says:

    Eva you look incredible and I can already tell your summer is going to turn out great. 🙂

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