Rule 1

US Resident

Rule 2

Must be 21 with 2 forms of I.D (One must be government issued with picture) 

Rule 3

Available for the date to travel to Miami in June 2014 (responsible for your own travel) 

Rule 4

Must fill out the Contest form and be a registered member of 

Rule 5

Be able to verify yourself: We want to protect our models and winners therefore every winner will be screened afterwards to make sure you are who you say you are

Rule 6

Be a professional properly groomed gentleman with communication skills

Rule 7

All Entries become the property of Company and will not be acknowledged or returned. Use of any device to automate entry is
prohibited. The Company is not responsible for entries not received due to difficulty accessing the internet, service outage or delays,
computer difficulties and other technological problems. Company is not responsible for lost, late, illegible, misdirected, mutilated,
postage-due or incomplete entries or mail. Multiple participants are not permitted to share the same email address. Should multiple
users of the same e-mail account or mobile phone number, as applicable, enter the Contest and a dispute thereafter arise regarding the
identity of the entrant, the authorized account holder of said e-mail account or mobile phone account at the time of entry will be
considered the entrant. “Authorized account holder” is defined as the natural person who is assigned an e-mail address or mobile
phone number by an Internet access provider, on-line service provider, mobile service provider or other organization which is
responsible for assigning e-mail addresses, mobile phone numbers or the domain associated with the submitted e-mail address. Proof
of submission of an entry shall not be deemed proof of receipt by the website administrator for online entries. When applicable the
website administrator’s computer will be deemed the official time keeping device for the Contest promotion. Contest entries must
contain all information requested and must be received on or before the deadline for registration to be deemed valid.

Rule 8

Once a winner is chosen you will be contacted by both the Model and Trans500 Management at which you will be sent a contract to sign. This contract states you will be available and show up on said date. If you decide you can’t go please be courteous and give us a 30 days notice to replace you.
The winner must sign a release form, prior to the date, certifying that he/she is twenty-one (21)
years of age or older and absolving Trans500, its owner, employees, associates, and
affiliates from any liability for any unforeseen events that may occur on the date, that are not
directly caused by Trans500, its owner, employees, associates, or affiliates. liability under any circumstances shall solely be limited to providing the stated
prizes to the winner or the monetary value thereof.

Rule 9

No profanity or vulgar language is allowed in the entry form or it will be disqualified

Rule 10

By entering the contest, contestants agree that may use their name, image, and likeness in any promotional materials, including usage on their Web site.


How will the winner be chosen?

A: Model and Trans500 management will read over all the applications and pick the person who shows the most interest and is the “biggest fan” of the model. We will take social media interaction into consideration also! Were looking for the most die hard fan of the model.

Where will the Date take place and whats the date day consist of

A: The date will take place in Miami in June 2014. You will spend a full day with your date . will sponsor the date activities, meal and hotel for the winner but YOU are responsible for your own travel. You will also be allowed the option to sit on set during a Trans500 filming of the model.

Is this Date Private?

A: Though we would love to film certain aspects of the date for promotion on, we do not require you show your face or be filmed. However we do require I.D, a release form stating we are not responsible for anything that happens during your trip to Miami, on the date, or afterwards. We merely are supplying the activities, meal and hotel for the winner. You will be required to provide a ccard when you arrive at the hotel for incidentals. If you wish to spoil your date with gifts then that is also something you should plan for. (See above rule #? for those who choose a open date) Remember those that are more open minded have a better chance with impressing the model, however NOT a requirement.

Can we have sex?

A: This is not a escort date or are we an escort agency. What you and the model decide to do or not do is purely up to consenting adults. This is a dinner date! Please do not offer money and or speak of escorting with the model as this is NOT the purpose of the contest.

Can I work a scene with the Model?

A: Maybe , If you are the winner and wish to do a scene with the model and we feel you have what it takes theres a chance. You will need to have an Industry approved HIV and STD Test, 2 forms of I.D, sign a model release and be prepared to show your face. You will receive compensation for your modeling and be visible on and or